A grilled cheese sandwich is delicious, but all that bread quickly runs up the calories. So why not make a super tasty grilled cheese that is low in calories and much higher in nutrition.


Half the calories – Twice the nutrition – All the taste!

Lets get started

The Ingredients

1 Sweet potato (150 gram per sandwich)
30 grams of chedda cheese per sandwich
50 grams of chicken or other sliced meat per sandwich.
Italian seasoning of choice
1 teaspoon of garlic power.
Salt and peper.

Step One: Slice up the sweet potato

Each slice should be around one centimeter or a little under half an inch.

Step Two: Microwave the slices

Give them about 3 minutes in the microwave. They should be nice and soft when you poke them.

Step Three: Put them in a pan

You can use a pan, a grill, a heat plate. Flip them once and add the meat and cheese.

Step Four: Eat up!

Stack them up and go nuts with these deliciously tasty sweet potatos from heaven.