Weight loss requires a lot of commitment, determination, control and discipline.

Some may view weight loss to be an uphill and laborious task. Did you know that some simple hacks could make your fat cry without making you cry? Healthy eating and lifestyle habits can make you look and feel better without being painful and troublesome.

You are just one read away from a gorgeous, slimmer and sexier you. It’s time to ditch those skimpy meals, strenuous workouts and diet pills. Make your body the sexiest outfit you have without shedding tears, sweat and blood. Follow some simple recommendations to get the ball rolling and earn your dream body.

Guilt free pasta


Many feel dreaded at the thought of blotting out pasta from their dietary regimen. There are a lot of healthy alternative pasta variants available in the market, like the whole-grain version. Although they may be low on carbohydrates, the calorie count still remains the same hindering effective weight loss.

There is some good news here for all those looking at some healthier options without feeling starved and compromising on the taste. Replace pasta with cabbage by cutting the cabbage in long strips and cooking it in a similar fashion as you would cook a pasta dish. Cheat yourself to enjoy this scrumptious Italian delight while boosting your nourishment and shrinking your calories.

Rise above the Rice


Avoid all types of rice, be it white or brown to avoid piling up those calories. Brown rice ideally looked as an alternative of white rice need not be a sound choice. A more favorable substitute, from a calorie point of view, would be cauliflower.

Cauliflower rice is gaining worldwide acceptance due to its unique taste, texture and nutritional value. Break the cauliflower florets and pulse them in the food processor until it looks like rice. Stir fry this cauliflower in some coconut oil, onions, pepper powder, lemon juice, salt and parsley. Satisfy your taste buds with this low-calorie treat.

Dread that Bread


Bread is best ditched from your diet or replaced with some healthier alternatives. You may consider some healthier options like whole-grain, multigrain, corn meal or rye bread but it’s preferable to try out other nutritionally superior stuff.

Though rye bread is much better than the other types of bread available, as it is very high in fiber but why not try swapping bread with fiber-rich vegetables with lesser calories. Try making a delicious pizza with a cauliflower base or a luscious burger with a sweet potato or beetroot base.

Exercise? When, Where, How?


Take in fewer calories and eat healthy to lose weight. But, is that enough? You need to move more to burn more fat. Life has become so fast paced and we remain stuck to our mundane lifestyles with little time to concentrate on our daily workout. Going to work, sedentarily stuck to our desk and chair, catering to our family needs, addicted to our Smartphone, stuck to the couch watching television and no time to hit the gym. Well, you can definitely squeeze in a workout in your daily routine tasks.

• Buy a desk cycle and hop onto it while you work, watch television, surf the net, send emails and cycle your way to losing those extra calories.
• Buy a desk treadmill. Work walk is the new fad. You can walk instead of sit while you are working to get that flab out of your body.
• Take a stroll while you are talking on the phone instead of sitting.
• Use the stairs instead of the elevator, whenever possible.
• Keep your TV remote away and stand up every time you need to change a channel.
• While working on the computer, don’t be constantly seated on the chair. Try to get up every one hour and stand for a few minutes. Standing can burn 250 – 300 extra calories during your workday while making your legs stronger and toned
• Carry your lunch to another location or desk a little away from your desk rather than sitting and eating at your own desk.
• Try strolling to and fro while having a brainstorming session at work.
• Put on some music and groove your body while cooking or watering plants.
• Stand or walk while waiting for a train, flight or bus.
• Walk or jog between places at close proximity
• Do pushups against the wall every time you take a shower for working up your chest and arm muscles.

Who said work and workout cannot go hand in hand. Make such healthy lifestyle changes to work you up while you work.

Negative Calories: Burn fat with water


Negative calorie foods are called so as they require more energy to digest them than they can provide. Water has zero calories and ice cold water has negative calories. If you drink ice cold water, your body will require warming that water up to bring it up to your body temperature. So, your body will use up your energy thereby burning off that extra calories and fat.

Drinking 10 glasses of ice cold water is said to burn around 100 calories per day. Sticking to this regime can definitely assist in weight loss. This will also ensure that you are hydrated all the time and boost your metabolism leading to fat loss. In addition, it will help to flush out the intestinal system and improve bowel movement.

Sugar, the sweet poison


Sugar is one thing you should have in a very controlled proportion if you are looking to lose weight and stay healthy. Sugar is often referred to as sweet poison as it does not provide any nutrients and still is very high in calories. We get enough sugar as is required for our body from consumption of fruits and vegetables. So, indulging in those deserts, candies and cola’s will pile up your calories which will eventually turn into fat.

Fix those sugar cravings with these healthy treats to overcome your urge to overindulge in those sugary toxins:
• Energy bars containing natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, dates.
• Frozen yogurts made from fruits and curd
• Naturally sweet fruits like mango, banana, and cherries.
• Fat-free marshmallows, they are relatively low in sugar and calories.
• Organic chocolate bars with organic sweeteners
• Banana pancakes without adding sugar to it, just the natural sugar from the banana.
• Licorice candies made with low-calorie sweetener
• All Fruit popsicles made by pureeing fruits and freezing them.

Sink your teeth in these super delightful options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Hunger pangs? Juice it up.


Fight your hunger pangs by brimming yourself with some healthy fruit and vegetable juices. Juices from fiber-rich fruits and vegetables help to suppress your appetite and keep your calorie count to the minimum. These juices are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and, more importantly, do not contain any fat.

Start your day with some healthy juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables to lose weight naturally. Juice it up to keep those unwanted calories at bay.

Want to lose fat? It’s tea time


Green tea contains such enzymes and antioxidants which aid in melting accumulated fat in your body and convert it to energy. Drinking it regularly is said to boost your fat-fighting metabolism and hence, burn more calories. It is a great way to curb your appetite and keep you away from any unhealthy temptation.

Research shows that 4 cups of green tea a day means burning approximately 70 extra calories. So, go green drink tea.

Keep stress away from your diet

Stress, be it in your personal or professional life, can be one of the reasons for weight gain. When you are really stressed out you may experience increased appetite and food cravings. The slightest trace of stress can have you reaching out for those unhealthy munchies like chocolates, chips, fries and all sorts of junk food. Stress slows down your metabolism leading to storage of fat in your body.


Advice corner:

After glancing through this article, you may be having some questions in mind. We have tried to presume some of the queries that our readers might be thinking of and tried to answer them.

What should be kept in mind to make your diet regime super effective?

This article provides the most effective tips to keep your weight under control. To sum it all up, some key pointers would be:

• Concentrate on having foods that are fiber rich, low on carbohydrates, super nutritious and low on calories.
• Find healthy substitutes for foods that are high on calories like bread, rice, pasta, etc
• Drink cold water to take advantage of negative calories
• Have lots of fruit and vegetable juices to keep your hunger pangs in control.
• Keep stress away from your diet.
• Green tea a day keeps the flab away
• Have a sugar free diet. Satisfy your sugar cravings with some healthy options mentioned in the article.
• Work yourself up with some simple tips while carrying out your routine tasks.

Is there any specific diet plan that has to be followed?

Weight loss and dieting should not be treated as a task. It is a lifestyle that you should inculcate and follow. The above tips will definitely help you to look at the fat loss as fun rather than a painful effort.

Will including diet pills in our lifestyle make weight loss all the more effective?

When these simple and easy to incorporate ways can help you lose weight effectively without the help of any artificial supplements, why eat these pills rather eat a carrot.