So you’re taking a leap and starting a new job – whether it’s similar to your old one or completely new, there is bound to be a transitional period where you are getting used to your new role, colleagues and the general environment. While we all react differently to such situations, there are a few things we can all do to help us adjust faster and become a vital member of your new team.

Give yourself a few days off before starting

It might be best to give yourself a few days off before starting your new job if you’re just coming off your previous job; this will give you ample time to mentally prepare and rest a bit before hitting the ground running. You don’t want to have your first day at work marred by being burnt out from your last job.

Embrace their culture

If you are moving to a more relaxed environment, try and get used to it as quickly as possible by following your colleagues. A survey of the workplace environment has shown that two-thirds of employees believe that in order to succeed in the workplace, an employee must be willing to adapt to and adopt the work culture.

One can assimilate themselves in the workplace culture by integrating quickly with colleagues. This could come from general conversation within the workplace, to agreeing to socialise with them outside of working hours.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Most of the time there is no such thing as a dumb question. In a new workplace you shouldn’t be afraid to ask even the simplest of questions, especially if it relates specifically to their workplace. The last thing you would want is to make an assumption, only for it to be completely wrong and damaging. If you don’t know how to use the new Pronestor conference room scheduling software then just ask, for example. It will save a lot of time in the long run.

Asking many questions can show you are eager to learn and are an open book. This is especially crucial during your first few weeks when you are still getting to know the place.

Keep notes on what you’ve learnt

No one is going to want to repeat stuff to you, so remember to take a note of what you’ve learnt, allowing you to revisit it later on. You never know, these notes may also come in useful next time there is another new person starting and you can help them out by giving them yours. Be sure to keep everything organized and easy to interpret, so as not to cause any confusion. Consider downloading a simple notebook app on your phone that can also be easily accessed from your computer.

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