In the past, it may have seemed to be a distant dream to be able to work, earn for our needs and luxuries without having to attend a full-time office, put in fixed hours of working and following a mundane lifestyle. But in today’s dynamic world with ever-changing technology and internet at ease, it is manageable to make handsome money. It is possible with modern technology, talent, competency, capability and know-how.

If you have always wanted to be your own boss and do away with a life of bonded servitude, there are plentiful options to achieve it.

Take up Freelancing Assignments

The very first option you can evaluate is looking for a career in freelancing. You can start off by surfing various sites offering such freelancing assignments. These sites provide a link between people looking for a choice of diverse work projects and those offering the same. The basic thumb rule to be followed here would be to understand the requirement of those assigning a mandate and match the same with your expertise and preference. On the other hand in case you have the liberty to take up an assignment out of your knowledge arena, the internet can lend a hand and facilitate the broadening of your know how. This makes it possible to have several work options to choose from.

You can start by exploring the below-mentioned sites to get on to your initial search. These sites provide a gamut of freelancing assignments.

Write about your Passion

There are people with ample knowledge on specific topics or industry given their background, experience and interest. For such people the door of writing their own blogs or starting their website is always open. Just to put some more light, people can write about – good gardening tips or ways of making cupcakes. People having a passion for vintage cars, old coins, stamps, monuments, old stereos, etc, can pen down their thoughts and ideas, on the same, in an interesting manner for people to read. Likewise, you can write on anything of your choice, keeping in mind that it should capture and hold the interest of the reader. The interest of the reader is the key point because, more the visitors on your blog or website, more is the money that you make.

Selling banner space or links to webshops and companies on your website can be one way of making money. Another way could be getting into ‘affiliate marketing’, where you can declare products for other businesses and customers, and receive money and/ or products for the same. You can also display advertisements through Google Adsense and receive money for it.

The unwritten rule here is: ‘more the visitors to your website = more is the money you make’.

Photoshop / Illustrator Designer

If you have an artistic, imaginative and innovative aptitude along with some technical ability, there are some good options for making money online. Some of them could be – designing logos for companies, taking up private projects or associated work from clients. Also with your creativity and artistic ability to maneuver and recreate images, you can work on assignments to enhance the appearance and design of web pages for the client. You can also keep an eye on numerous photo manipulation contests on the web where you can make money by creating amazing photo edits.

Set up websites

You can set up a website for a client and make money. Setting up websites can be trouble free, for beginners, as there are numerous online systems such as WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop, offering such services. Once you have become proficient and attained the required skills, you can have a fulfilling career as a web developer. You can have the freedom of offering your services as a freelancer and of working in an environment where you can determine your worth, salary, prices and hours.

Set up your own online Shop

Various e-commerce systems like PrestaShop and WordPress can help you create your own online store quickly and for free. The key to making your online store a hit among customers would be to make your product a lucrative one, that is, your product should be more attractive as compared to the other competitive products considering their price, service, availability, etc.  In addition, one can gather some market intelligence and target such markets or audience where your product could be a niche product. Before starting a full-fledged online shopping venture, you can experiment by selling your products via drop shop shipping, which allows your product to be shipped directly to customer from the wholesaler, avoiding any payments for a stock. For all transactions or payment option, it is better to start with, using PayPal, which will not require any investment. So, the money shelled out would just be for the cost of your domain name and hosting of the web shop.

Become a writer

If you have a flair and passion for writing but cannot maintain a blog or website, indulging into paid writing would be a good option.  You can take up assignments for writing articles for magazines, other blogs, websites, newsletters, etc. You could either take up freelancing article writing assignments or take up a fixed job having the convenience of choosing your own work hours, timings and workplace.  You can take up mandates for working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles, which means posting fresh content regularly on your website to bring in prospective customers and clients to your brand and drive traffic to your websites. You can also get in touch with such intermediary companies that hire freelance copywriters for their corporate clients.

Become a translator

Becoming a translator is a fast-growing field that offers several money making opportunities for people with different language expertise. A number of companies look for such translators who can assist them in translating the Danish text to different foreign languages like German, French, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic and vice-versa for companies across the globe to set foot in Danish Market.

Make YouTube videos

By making YouTube videos, you can share your creative pursuits and thoughts with a worldwide audience and earn millions every month. You can display your unique talent, your opinions, entertaining acts on YouTube boldly. The whole thing is, larger the number of viewers to your videos, more is the percentage you attract of advertising money on your YouTube Videos. Thus, a knack of catching the attention of the larger group to watch your videos is the key and making YouTube videos in the English language can be an added advantage to attract a broad group of viewers.

Become an online poker star

Based on your keenness, curiosity and talent; you can try exploring an option of playing poker online and earn huge amounts of money. You need not be an expert to start with but can become one with the help of umpteen scientific books and websites helping you to learn the poker odds and playing skills. All you need is enough time and effort to be able to learn poker methodology and strategies. Initially, you can begin with assessing your poker skills by playing small tournaments where the field sizes are smaller and once you get a hold of it move on to play bigger fields. When you think your profitability rate is high and you have been using winning strategies, you can consider fields with larger prizes and stakes. There are innumerable sites that can aid you in beginning your career as a poker player like,, etc.

Sell your images to the “stock image” – websites

If you have a flair for photography you can earn money while pursuing your hobby. You can start earning by selling stock photos online on websites such as All you need is some digital skills, creativity and imagination. Though you may be required to move out occasionally for this, but you can have the satisfaction of pursuing your interest without being confined to a particular office space, work timings and hours.