There is no diet or exercise that will do what healthy eating does. Are you constantly battling between your love of food and not wanting to get fat?

Starving yourself will only get you to eat more. Depriving yourself of food you like and following dietary restrictions would be of little help to fight that flab. Push those boundaries and let your imagination flow to create food that keeps you full, satisfies your taste buds while keeping your calories in check. Eat right not less to a slimmer you.

Pizza Makeover


Did you ever think you can lose that stubborn fat even by keeping your most loved pizza as a part of your diet? Pizza and weight loss are thought of as antonyms. You can satisfy your taste buds with simply substituting a few ingredients to make it a healthy choice.

You can just try swapping your traditional crust with some creative alternatives to make your pizza guilt free. Think out of the box to create some exciting and innovative flavours while you keep the calorie count in check.

The healthiest option is using a tortilla base. It is a quick and easy way of creating a scrumptious low-calorie pizza. But if you are looking for accelerated weight loss, try experimenting with a cauliflower, sweet potato, butternut squash, regular squash, zucchini or an eggplant base. The most popular is the cauliflower base which makes the pizza crunchy and savoury. These healthy alternatives ensure an antioxidant-rich, low-calorie diet while tending to your daily intake of vegetables.

Choose your toppings carefully. Pile on those chopped vegetables, fruits, spinach, tomato sauce, Lean meat and fat-free cheese as toppings. Stamp out those hunger pangs with these high fibre toppings to ensure effective fat loss.

Sweet potato burger


Dreading that yummy burger is no choice if you go hankering for a bite of it every now and then. Why not replace all those fatty ingredients that go into the making of this tempting snack.

Cook up a sweet potato burger to make your fat cry. Sweet potato is rich in antioxidants and fibre that helps to curb your appetite. Ditch that bread with zucchini, tomato, lettuce and Portobello mushroom buns.

So, grill and bake some of your favourite vegetables to create no bread burgers and cut down on your calorie intake.

Low fat Mexican delights


Are you a Mexican food fanatic? But want to limit your calories while you savour those spicy tacos, burritos and chipotle grill.

Do not miss out on those Taco nights with your friends only because you are on a weight loss diet. Invite your friends to enjoy your favourite Mexican food at home, by cultivating your own Mexican dishes with some healthy ingredients.

A taco could be unhealthy due to the nacho bottom. Alternate this with a cauliflower or lettuce base to make it nutritious and healthful. If you are a meat lover, pulse some chicken with the same amount of frozen vegetables in the food processor to make an excellent low-calorie base. Have your burritos filled with tomato, lettuce, fat-free beans and only egg whites instead of whole eggs, without cheese to make it a healthier meal.

Trim your fat while cutting down on your calories and still relish these Mexican treats.

Lean meat sausages and green bean fries


Yearning for those Sausages with fries but not the calories and fat those accompany them. Junk and fried foods are a big no-no if you are looking to shed that fat.

You need not give up on these pleasure foods but opt for smart choices that will go easy on your waistline. Try popping up some sweet potato fries in the oven with no oil or little olive oil. Crispy green beans can be as crackling and crispy as your fries. Sauté some green beans with a bit of olive oil or roast them in an oven to satisfy your taste buds. Replace your sausages with some fat-free lean meat sausages or turkey sausages to cut down on the fat intake.

It’s time to skip the diet and just stick to eating healthy to get rid of those unwanted calories and fight the bulge.