Eat Clean to Get Lean

There is no diet or exercise that will do what healthy eating does. Are you constantly battling between your love of food and not wanting to get fat?

Starving yourself will only get you to eat more. Depriving yourself of food you like and following dietary restrictions would be of little help to fight that flab. Push those boundaries and let your imagination flow to create food that keeps you full, satisfies your taste buds while keeping your calories in check. Eat right not less to a slimmer you. Continue reading “Eat Clean to Get Lean”

Painless Ways towards a Slimmer You

Weight loss requires a lot of commitment, determination, control and discipline.

Some may view weight loss to be an uphill and laborious task. Did you know that some simple hacks could make your fat cry without making you cry? Healthy eating and lifestyle habits can make you look and feel better without being painful and troublesome. Continue reading “Painless Ways towards a Slimmer You”

How to spend less money on food – The Food Budget

Looking at your monthly income and your monthly fixed expenses, have you ever felt the pinch of having a meager or nil discretionary income?

But if you plan your money wisely, your money can really work for you. While cropping up a spending plan to budget your expenses, food can be the most contingent place to start with. Continue reading “How to spend less money on food – The Food Budget”

How to figure out daily calorie intake for weight loss?

How do I figure out daily calorie intake for weight loss?

Answer: Take your weight in pounds and multiply it by ten

This will give you a baseline. If you’re are active this will normally result in losing about a pound of fat per week. If you see less you can adjust by taking calories off and if you see more you can add calories. It is important that you take action to make sure you do not loose any muscle mass. This is simply done by doing strength training.

How to Make Money in Your Underwear

In the past, it may have seemed to be a distant dream to be able to work, earn for our needs and luxuries without having to attend a full-time office, put in fixed hours of working and following a mundane lifestyle. But in today’s dynamic world with ever-changing technology and internet at ease, it is manageable to make handsome money. It is possible with modern technology, talent, competency, capability and know-how. Continue reading “How to Make Money in Your Underwear”